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Here's a selection of some of the testimonials we've received over the years.

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They have made my life so much easier when it comes to printing especially Lisa so thanks again. Cheers.
David * Administration Assistant
Dear Kelvin. I am writing to you to pass on my thanks and gratitude for all of your assistance with the 2011 Presentation Night items. The program looked very good, and the new awards were stunning. I am extremely appreciative to you, Kat, and the rest of the Dominion team who worked so hard to generate the new artwork and to produce each item in readiness for the evening. Many thanks for everything.
Maree * Director of Curriculum
Please accept my gratitude for Dominion's unwavering support most specially in the face of very tight deadlines. Greg looks after us and he leaves no stone unturned to meet our requirements. Dominion has an unmatched, solid reputation for flawless delivery and consistent excellent service.
Luis * Marketing Communications Manager
Dear Kelvin and the Dominion Group. We have received the Annual report for 2011 and it looks and feels great. We are all excited and I wish to extend my sincere thanks for your help in the planning of this years report from the stock recommendation to the advice regarding the image reproduction. Dominion has certainly done a brilliant job in printing this report (as with all our jobs), delivering it on time without complications or hiccups and even saving the day by making an adjustment to the cover at the eleventh hour. Your professionalism and your teams abilities makes it easy for my team to produce the amount of work we do and to get it out to our stakeholders on time, at all times. Once again thank you and your team for a great job. I look forward to the next report, shooting in February. Thank you Dominion.
Richard * Senior Designer / Studio Team
Hey again Nick. Got the ARs, and samples of the NOM and DL flyer. The annual report especially looks sensational. The orange colour has come up great and the photos are real sharp. And the cover is really beautiful. The NOM looks good too. Haven't said it properly yet, but thanks for getting the AGM job through so quickly and smoothly despite my unreasonable demands. You guys have done such a brilliant job on the turnaround and the quality is great. We're all really impressed on this end! Good stuff all round!!
Andrew * Communications Manager
We have just received the Postcards. They looked brilliant, so good, everyone was really pleased here. Thanks Kelvin.
Emma * Creative Services Manager
Dear Kel, Mal and Ron. Thank you for a fantastic effort over these past days! You have managed the impossible: Producing a prospectus in record time! I am really thrilled with the look of the prospectus and think you have done an amazing job - well done. Thank you also for undertaking this task under the incredibly tight time constraints and still remaining calm and gracious - we are very grateful. Thanks and warm regards.
Wendy * On behalf of The Marketing Department
Lisa, have just received our first lot of cards and they all look great. More to come but waiting on titles or photographs. As always, thanks very much for your great service.
Margie * Admin Assistant
Hi Kelvin. Just a short note of thanks for achieving the impossible and printing brochures in time for the Belgrave Heights event. We appreciate so much your support and sacrificial input. Blessings
Trevor * National Manager
Hi Kelvin. Thank you SO much for the brochures they look fantastic!!! I am so excited! (Pathetic really I know). Thanks too for getting them down to Melbourne for the weekend it must have been a push.
Sarah * Personal Assistant to the National Manager
Kelvin, you guys are legends!! Thank you so much for printing these flyers so quickly for us. They look terrific and your team have, once again, done a wonderful job. Regards,
Stam *
Hi Kel. Thanks for your work recently on the Kids Central Sale. All seemed to go so smoothly in comparison with past supplier efforts! Regards,
Jodie * Marketing Manager
Thanks! Great work!
Anon * Communications Manager
Kelvin, the covers arrived today, they look great. Thank you. Regards,
Bernadette * Executive Assistant
Hey Kel, Hope all is well mate. Got the business cards and they look great!! As always - thanks for your help mate.
Omar * Marketing Manager
Dear Kelvin. Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt services in the printing of envelopes for Eastwood Radiology. The envelopes look great. Thank you very much indeed. I will contact you shortly for some other quotes. Hope you will look after me for the price. Thanks.
Avi *
We just wanted to let you know how impressed we are that you could make that happen so quickly and easily.
Richard * Project Manager Communications
Hi mate. Just to let you know we had some fantastic responses to the Furnitex brochure, both internally and with retailers. Well done. So much so that people want a copy of the art and to put it on their website. Regards,
Simon * Product Manager
Thanks for the update. The 2006 Books have just arrived and they look fantastic. Thanks for helping us with the whole process. Its nice having your support with all the work we do. Regards
Monique * National Events Manager
Hi Kelvin. Fantastic. I think we have a winner. Great work. Lets proceed with this one. Pass on my thanks to your designer as it looks fantastic. Regards,
Colin *
We've received the envelopes - they look brilliant, thanks so much. Have a nice evening
Lesley * Administration & Communications Assistant
Hi Kel, Thanks for the printing - an excellent job as always and the colours/finish came out even better than we had thought.
Mark * CEO
The Annual Reports look great..... Thank you well done!!
Bernadette * Executive Assistant
The books arrived today and they are fantastic!! Thankyou so much for all your work - the colours on the cover are perfect!!
Mel *
Hi Kelvin, Just a quick email to say thank you for the Xmas components, the backing cards and the tags look great. M thks
Paula * Product Manager
Hi Kelvin, We received all the backing cards and gift tags. Thank you for your efforts with this. They turned out great and were well received by staff.
Lan * Marketing and Communications Assistant
Kelvin, Just wanted to say thank you for the samples - great print job! Thanks for your efforts on getting this on time to SMH. Cheers,
Sue * Managing Director
You rock - thank you!!
Kristi *
Hi Kelvin, Malcolm. I'd like to extend my heartfelt thank you for all your efforts in delivering the many and varied point of sale items for the Posturepedic CSS launch. Our sales teams just feel so great to have all items on hand before going onto floors with products. It's been a fantastic run, thank you so much for getting it all done. Kind regards,
Britta *
Morning Kelvin, New elevator posters are looking fabulous!!! Well done!!
Kristi *
You are wonderful! Thanks
Angela *
Hi Chris, We have just received our samples and we're really pleased with the results - you did a fantastic job with it. Many thanks for doing all you could to make this a great job with the limited time we had! Kind regards,
Amber * Senior Designer
G'day Kel, Thanks for your work on this one. Really happy with the results, the Annual Reports came up great.
Keiran * Media Operations Coordinator
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just wanted to say a big thank you for your support towards our conference up in Port Douglas. I have just got back and am very happy to say that the event was a great success, but we couldn't have done it without your help so thank you. The feedback has been excellent and the franchisees were very impressed with all the signage and extra printed material that all went together to make the theming of each of the events more effective. Thanks again and see you soon Regards,
Anne * Marketing Manager
Hello Hello! I meant to write this yesterday but it totally skipped my mind, thanks so so much for the Meeting Facilities Guide, they arrived yesterday and look absolutely fantastic!!! Everyone is very happy with them thankyou. And Kelvin thanks so much for getting them to me in time for Amanda to take to Singapore. I really appreciate it.
Gabs * Marketing Executive
I must say Ron was an absolute star in my dealing with him. Regards
Jeff * Concierge Services Manager
We received the catalogues last night from our Corporate Department. It looks fabulous - the colour is really vivid! Thanks so much for all your help with this again. Kind Regards
Sandy * Showroom Manager
You are the most awesomest printer dudes. Thanks
Joanne *
Hi Bob, Thanks for the samples. I spoke to the client and he's VERY happy with the result! Thanks for all your efforts.
Sarah *
Hi Kelvin, Thank you so much, you are a life saver. I owe you one. Please go to print as per Ron's amendment this afternoon. Have a good weekend. Thanks again.
Anna * Marketing Communications Executive,
Hi Kelvin, I just wanted to add that you fixing this really means a lot to me, and I really value you as part of my business. Thanks,
Sarah *
Hi Kelvin, Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your efforts in helping us get the job off in time to the client. Thank you! Thanks again
Chau * Marketing Director
29 November 2007. To whom it may concern, Sefton Associates has worked for many years with Dominion Printing and has always been impressed with the quality of their work. Managing Director, Kelvin Gage, provides exceptional customer service and is never too busy to assist. He pays close, personal attention to every aspect of a job from the brief and proof, right through to the finished, printed artwork. Sefton Associates relies on Dominion for quality products within budget and on time for our clients. We have found Dominion can always meet our deadlines and will exceed our expectations time and time again. Yours sincerely,
Robbie * Director
A thousand thank you's Kel, Shaun has advised that they have already been delivered!!!! Amazing effort! Please thank the team. Regards
Cathy *
Hi Kelvin Thanks again for the Year Book. It looks fantastic and everyone is very impressed! Having it printed in colour makes a huge difference to its overall presentation. The layout is very appealing. With much thanks,
Ros *
Greg. Thank you so much for doing the job over the weekend and for the excellent quality - I received many complimentary comments yesterday on how good the guides looked. So thanks mate and thank the colleagues at Dominion. Please keep me posted when the balance of posters is due in so I can advise reception and the Social Justice Unit. cheers
Paul *
On a seperate note, I recently received the pull-up banners which featured at the SOTP media day and I must say, your team did an absolutely fabulous job with them. They look absolutely terrific - thankyou!!
Virginia * Marketing Communications Executive
Morning Kelvin!!! A Very Big Thank you for the wedding invitations!!! They look fabulous! Seriously they are so gorgeous, I am soooooooooooooooooo happy with them! Thank you so much!!!!!
Kristi * Business Development Manager
Thanks Kelvin, you at Dominion are always so helpful! It is muchly appreciated!
Virginia * Marketing Manager
Dear Lisa, Thankyou for the speedy turnaround. I have just received the extra copies. Thankyou kindly for a wonderful job. With Kind Regards,
Rhonda * Executive Assistant
The Pencil cases are great everyone is extremely happy with them; we also received the stickers and the best brews collateral which was also all good. Cheers,
Dave *
Hi Kel, Just received the invitations - they look lovely. Thanks for such a quick turn around. Cheers,
Britta * Product Manager
Gosh you are great, you make my life so easy. How can you be so good at what you do? I wish Everyone was as knowledgeable about their product Range. Kind Regards,
Fiona * Front Office Manager
Thanks Al. All REALLY good. We'll have a look and think over these and come back to you with our choices maybe a few fine tuning things - but all in all - fantastic mate! Talk soon
John * Director: Marketing Operations
Dear Ron, Malcolm and Kelvin, Just wanted to say a big thank you for this edition of Friends of Arden - I am thrilled with the end product and was also appreciative of the fact that you met our urgent deadline today. Thanks again and well done! Warm regards,
Wendy * Marketing Manager
Hi Kelvin, I just wanted to express my appreciation for both the quality of the printing job and your willingness to aid our project in every way. Your efforts took a lot of pressure off the final stages of the project's completion, resulting in a fantastic final product. i want to sincerely thank you for all of the emails and phone calls that transpired between us at all hours of the day, which ensured that the product turned out immaculately. thank you very much,
Ashleigh *

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