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Dominion is proud of our past and ongoing efforts to better serve our environment by reducing our impact while actively employing work practices and resources that actively improve sustainability.

Dominion is driven by a business principle; that our children and future generations should inherit an environment which is cleaner and greener and ultimately richer in diversity. Some of the key areas in our business on which we focus are:

EcoPure Stock

Sourced from the most advanced paper mill in Europe, EcoPure is our own brand of 100% Carbon Neutral paper and is used extensively at Dominion. EcoPure is an outstanding A2+ quality coated paper. Download a PDF with full information here.

Carbon Neutral

The head office of The Dominion Colanco Print Group is Carbon Neutral. We are minimising the impact of climate change by reducing carbon emissions and offsetting the carbon we produce.

FSC Paper Use

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. Dominion Colanco offers and promotes the use of these paper products via its paper suppliers.


All paper and cardboard waste is collected by Trade Paper Services and recycled. Where possible any item we receive and is reusable in some way is done so.

Electricity & Water

We buy green power and utilise low wattage lighting and ensure our production machinery is well maintained for efficient energy use.. We monitor the amount of water we use and water disposed of conforms with EPA Guidlines.

Chemicals & Inks & Plates

We use part soya oil based inks and educate and encourage clients to use 100% soya oil based inks for their print needs. Ink and chemistry is collected, contained and disposed of to Collex Environmental for recycling. Aluminium printing plates are are collected and recycled.


Recycled cardboard is used where ever possible. We are commited to reducing the use of plastics and utilise recycled plastic wrap in packaging. Containers and packaging received by suppliers is utilised or recycled.

Transportation and Delivery

We use an efficient combination of Post, Air and Road freight utilising centralised distribution to reduce carbon emmisions. Our company vehicles are maintained to manufacturers specs. Our own delivery vehicles run to geographically efficient roster and our print room and warehouse utilise gas powered forklifts.


Procurement staff ensure that they track down and purchase environmentally friendly or high recycled content products for use in the business. Staff are encouraged to think and act environmentally responsibly.