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John Gage was 16 when he convinced his parents to let him buy a small, hand-operated printing press and start a business from his bedroom.

He would 'cold call' local businesses and convince them to give him a go. He would then work through the night printing their stationery and deliver it to them on his pushbike. That was 59 years ago!

As business grew, he upgraded to a foot-operated machine, a shed in the backyard, and made deliveries by catching a bus. The past 60 years has seen significant growth. There have been moves to 4 different premises (each bigger and better than the last), and we have embraced new technologies and made large investments in machinery and the people who operate them.

In 2008, Dominion undertook its greatest change with the merging of operations with Colanco Printing. Colanco was founded in 1978 by Dick O'Connor, who like John, started business from his home.... but this time it was in the garage! In 2012, Dominion Colanco shortened its name to "Dominion" in order to simplify communications with all stakeholders.

Throughout all this change, the same principles that John and Dick based their businesses on in those early days still form the foundation of Dominion today:

A promise to do everything in our power to deliver first class service to our most valued asset.... our clients.


We have received the Annual report and it looks and feels great. We are all excited and I wish to extend my sincere thanks for your help in the planning of this years report from the stock recommendation to the advice regarding the image reproduction. Dominion has certainly done a brilliant job in printing this report (as with all our jobs), delivering it on time without complications or hiccups and even saving the day by making an adjustment to the cover at the eleventh hour. Your professionalism and your teams abilities makes it easy for my team to produce the amount of work we do and to get it out to our stakeholders on time, at all times. Once again thank you and your team for a great job.


Senior Designer / Studio Team